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Selling my gear is one of the things that I really enjoy. Ever since I moved my office back home, I have had to reduce my gear and declutter. I no longer have space to my self where equipment flows out of shelves and fill every box or storage basket in the room. That’s how selling my gear is easy and enjoyable. It’s just stuff. A few people have asked me, why sell everything? It’s not easy. But we can’t hold on to things. That’s what they are, just things. Yes, gear costs a lot of money. Yes, I had to work my ass off, but I’ve worked hard for everything I own.

Why sell everything?

Honestly, I’m just tired of having a lot of stuff. Already sold a lot of lighting equipment, camera bags, a lots and lots of accessories, lenses, flashes and camera bodies. I’m constantly experimenting with new things and constantly looking for awesome equipment but I find myself stuck with same gear year after year. Ever since I started charging for my passion, I have had Nikon. I’ve had the Nikon D70, D90, D2xs, D700, D800 and the D810. I had the Fujifilm x-t1, and all kinds of lenses, flashes and accessories. I have successfully gotten rid of all of it. They were fun to play with, learn with and grow with. If you take a look at the For Sale image, that’s not all of it! I still have some accessories and things that I have no idea how I’m going to get rid of.

I’m also considering selling a few of my unused film cameras. I have maybe 5 that I never use and I’m sure someone can enjoy the nostalgia of film. But all of that is in storage right now, and the digital stuff is more urgent. Side note, I have used the 28-70mm and the 85mm on my Nikon film cameras and oh my goodness, it’s just a great experience to shoot with these great lenses.


The list

If you or anyone you know need any of this equipment. Please let me know. I am not renting it out, lending it or giving it away. I am selling it. All of it. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Please contact me with questions.

If you’re interested in knowing why I switched, read this recent post.


Selling all my gear, guys. Please contact me for more info 787-466-7371

Posted by Alicia Kidd Photography on Sunday, September 2, 2018

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