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This challenge was created by Mr Jake Parker back in 2009. He wanted to practice inking his sketches everyday and so he named it Inktober and it caught on. That’s the gist.  

I have been following this movement since last year and I decided to try it this year, although very half assed I must admit. Went about 7 days straight and it went downhill from there. For the online challenge, the hashtag on Instagram you are supposed to post every day of the month of October. But, whenever I was back in Puerto Rico (no power since September 21, Hurricane Maria) it still is very hard to post and sometimes to sketch. But I kept going, making up for the days I missed and trying to post multiple days in a single post, but it got hectic as soon as I returned to the island near the end of the month. 

So I finished Inktober, unsatisfied with my postings but feeling like I have improved, which is the point. I’ll try my best next Inktober. But in the mean time, I’ll continue to sketch urban scenes as much as I can, especially when I travel. Let’s see how that goes! I’ll be sharing my sketches and travels here: KiddSketches Instagram.

This is my October / November sketch book. Started for Inktober and will continue it until it’s done. My next sketch book is ready and so is my next Winsor and Newton Watercolor pallet this time, it’s the professional colors. 

Places I sketched in: 

Charleston, South Carolina

Puerto Rico (16 days after Hurricane Maria)

Private Jet somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean 


Atlanta Air Port

New York City

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic and then back to Puerto Rico (40 days after Hurricane Maria – still no power, and barely any communication services) 

It has been an interesting month to say the least. Looking forward to continuing my sketching, inking and watercoloring. Lets see where this takes me, if anything it’s a great way to relax, take 15 minutes off and just observe and sketch outdoors or indoors, things you wouldn’t normally stand in front of. 



Here is a new blog all about my sketching experiences. Alicia’s Sketchbook. I am very excited to share my sketches with the world through this blog and Instagram! Thanks for your support. 

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