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Where I cannot use portable professional lights to add drama and saturation, I use Lightroom. In this scenario, studio lights would scare the horse and cause danger to the rider, and everyone in the area including myself. So instead of using lights to expose and saturate – I’m using a profile called Perfect Skies.

Lightroom has gotten a complete makeover. If you haven’t noticed the differences yet, that is because most of the updates are under the hood in the color/developing engine. A few sliders and panels have moved around a bit, to better your workflow. Profiles are taking a leading role now. As they should. Before, they were tucked away, and as a result, not many people used them. To be very honest, I only talked about camera profiles in my advanced Lightroom Workshops. It’s not an easy thing to grasp, and because of the previous location, it seemed very unimportant.

But now, by moving profiles to the top of the basic panel, you have the opportunity to start your retouching with a color profile. A base. This is especially useful if you have different cameras or work with people who have a different brand camera. These profiles will make any Raw file from any camera, look seamless with yours.

alicia kidd lightroom workshop puerto rico photographer
Using the same profile, Perfect Skies, I was able to make this image taken with a Fuji XT1 camera and a 27mm 2.8f lens, look very similar to the rest of the images taken with several cameras. Even an iPhone. These images are part of a personal project that I have been working on in Puerto Rico.

What is the difference between Presets and Profiles?

• The number one difference would be the sliders. When you apply a Preset to a photo, you can see the adjustment sliders have moved. This does not happen with Profiles.

• The location of the preset file and the profile files in your computer are different. I will mention the exact location further below.

• You can use Camera Profiles in Camera Raw and other Adobe products. Including Lightroom Mobile.

• Profiles work with LUX which means that you have even more range for editing a file than you would with a preset.

• You can and I encourage that you use a Profile, then a Preset, continue to adjust in Develop and if you want to go even further in Photoshop you can.

• Profiles can be applied and also adjusted in opacity or amount.  This is something Presets do not have. Blending!

• They can both be previewed on the image by hovering over. Finally!

• Another huge difference is the way you view profiles. You can now see your profile effect in a grid, large image thumbnail or a list. Presets, for now, can only be seen in a list.

• You can finally incorporate LUTs in profiles and therefore add this to your Lightroom workflow. Win!

Addional Notes

Another important thing I would like to add, is the ability to add a profile into a Preset. Wait, what? Yes, there is now a check mark at the very top of the preset panel which allows you to add the first step of your new and improved workflow, your selected color Profile. So just remember this when sharing profiles and presets, if you have a preset that requires x profile and need to have both installed in order for that preset to have the same effect on all your Raw images.

Alicia Kidd Lightroom Workshops

For Lightroom Classic CC 7.3 this is were your profile files (xmp) reside:

Mac users: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/Settings

Windows users: C:\ProgramData\Adobe\CameraRaw\Settings

alicia kidd lightroom workshop
This image was taken with a Nikon D800 and a 28-70mm 2.8f, which has always given me a wash of color completely different from my other lenses. To make this image and the previous image look similar, I used a color profile that I created called Perfect Skies.

If you drop your profiles here, when you open LR you will see your new profiles appear in the panel.

My free starter profiles: Download here. Note: These profiles can only be applied to Raw files. From any camera. Even Adobe’s raw DNG format. Just not any other format like JPG, PNG, PSD, or Tiff.

I will have more profiles, presets, droplets and actions in a few weeks available for purchase. These will be cross format, in other words they can be used on multiple formats across Lightroom, Camera Raw and Photoshop. Let’s play! If you want to learn more about Profiles and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC, take my basic, intermediate or advanced workshops. Sign up here: Alicia Kidd’s Photography Workshops.

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