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ipad pro screen gram aliciakidd

Finally, purchased the iPad pro. Took me a while. I kept refusing to purchase the iPad pro, specifically the 12.9″, because I wasn’t entirely convinced that I needed it. Turns out, I don’t think I can live without it. Especially with the added functionality of the apple pencil and iOs 11.



Keeping it simple. Both on my phone and on my iPad, I have Apps that make doing the things that I love doing lots of fun. Kept it simple for the tablet and only downloaded apps that I know that I would use. Leaving experimenting with new apps for the 8 Plus.

Organizing your apps is the best thing you can do for your workflow. Keeping a structure helps you out, especially during meetings with clients. I’ll most likely continue to move things around and make it more comfortable and organized. I keep in the top and bottom edges, the apps that are used the most and then organize into folders or clusters, by subject. The next page has my calendar and other apps that are not as important when I’m editing or sketching. All the scheduling and note taking apps are on the second page.

ipad pro screen gram aliciakidd
The Apps I use for photography, design, sketching and business are all on my iPad Pro. These, I use on a weekly basis, lets not go as far as saying on a daily basis…
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Notes, has great new features that are incredibly fun on an iPad Pro specifically using an apple pencil. With of course, iOS11.2

Lightroom Mobile

I’m really liking the interface and seamless syncing with my desktop’s Lightroom. CC is killing it right now.You can start retouching a photo on your iPad and continue on your desktop. If you happen to be editing on a laptop, I suggest, you think about turning that over to an iPad. The iPad’s screen and colors are impecable. The interface is not very different and only takes a few minutes to get used to.  If you’re considering taking photography seriously, Lightroom can make your business and workflow much more efficient than any other photo editing and retouching program out there.

Inside LightRoom Mobile.


Haven’t used this app for very long. I first used it on an iPad Air with a generic pen and while I thought it was a lot of fun, I think that with the iPad Pro and the apple pencil, there are so many more things to take advantage of. It is truly a different experience.

Procreate, the best sketching, illustrating and lettering app that I have tried so far. However, it does have it’s quirks.


I have recommended this app before. It is one of the best phone editing apps out there. And now, on this bigger screen, holly smokes! It’s pretty good. The final edited version of an image looks great when reviewed on a computer screen. I don’t think any other app can do this type of editing, as well as SnapSeed. It’s definitely up there with LR, PS and other professional photo editing apps for phones and tablets.

Snapseed’s powerful retouching tools.

Adobe Apps

Again, the apps on the edges are the ones I use the most. It comes to no surprise that I would be using Adobe Draw with the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil. It is Illustrator’s baby brother. You can send your designs and illustrations from the tablet to the desktop application through either Files or CC.

Adobe Apps worth checking out. Take advantage of their Creative Cloud system.


I will be experimenting further with the iPad Pro in the next few months. So far, I feel that it is a great investment for my business, and also a great pastime for my sanity!

And lastly, the Apple Pencil. Having had many wacom products in the past, I understand fully well how these pens/pencils work. The construction of the pencil feels very good, it is not very ergonomic. But, leave it to other brands to cater to the users of apple products. There are many skins, adaptors and accessories available to make it ergonomic, to store it and even to charge it. So far, I have used the pencil with Adobe products, Procreate and Notes and I can say that I love it more than any wacom pen I have owned. It seems much more precise. Specially with strokes and flow of brushes. I can’t wait until Apple makes the pencil compatible with their mac products through either a track pad device or perhaps nothing. It would awesome if it could be used on any surface, like a table, a paper pad or even the air. Wishful thinking!

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