Cutting down, selling gear and updating equipment.

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Every year, I take a good look at the gear I am currently using and I put away things that are bulky, over weight, a hassle, broken, missing parts, corroded, or just plain ugly. I clean and fix whatever could be fixed from that pile, I sell whatever is in good conditions and I throw away the rest. Cutting down, selling gear and updating your equipment every so often, at the very least every three years is imperative for your growth as a professional photographer.


Cutting down.

Over the years we tend to accumulate gear, props, stands, and all kinds of gadgets. If I haven’t used it in a while I could give it away, sell it or throw it away.

Selling gear.

Where do I sell my gear? First, I try to sell it locally on Instagram or Facebook. Then I go to Adorama used department because I could get credit, if what I want is to update gear. If not, I’ll go to and get a quote from them. Depending on the demand, it may be worth it to sell to these vendors. Sometimes though, you might make a better sale by selling through either eBay or your local listings or classifieds.  They are all great resources. I have also given away many things to my students and what I’ll do is publish a video or photo of the items and caption it, “giving this away, who wants it?” That usually works very well. I usually make a sale within the hour. So, if you ever see an item for sale on my Instagram, grab it quickly!


Updating equipment.

It’s time to sell some stuff. I’ll be updating my equipment for 2018. Wedding season requires me to stay up to date in terms of cameras, lighting and modifiers. For 2018 I have decided to cut down. Really, really down. I’ll be selling almost everything and venturing out with minimal gear. My plan is to do more traveling, destination weddings, & workshops. Everything that I own is compact and travel friendly, even my studio lighting gear (the Elinchrom set that I’m selling from lack of use). But I will be selling most of it anyway. Just because I realized, after the Hurricane Maria crisis hit home, I can do my work with minimal equipment.

In order to update I’ll be selling one or two of my cameras, the Nikon D800 and the Fujifilm XT-1 (bodies only), one of my Octo-Box modifiers for external camera flash, a lens I haven’t used in years, and I have been considering selling my Elinchrome set, along with it’s adapters and modifiers. This is a 5k investment. I’ll be selling it all for $2,264.00 Damn good price for an amazing investment. It’s so hard to let this go. But I have to. I don’t use it as much as I would like and I’m sure someone else could make better use of it. So, cutting down!

for sale
All Original Elinchrom
33” Umbrellas $15 each excellent conditions (3)
27”x27” Soft Box in excellent conditions (1) $150
35.5”x43” Strip Box in box unopened never used $200
39” DeepThrat Octo Box Hooded diffuser included great conditions $250
Adapter rings $60 each (2)
Lighting Set $1,500 includes briefcase, 2 batteries, trigger, cable trigger, charger, 2 heads and one pack.

One thing I like to do is trade. A perfectly good lens for another good lens. I do not mind buying used equipment. In fact, a lot of my equipment is used. Especially my lenses.


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