I went to France & Italy without a camera. Surprise! Never thought it would be possible. Truth is, I did have a camera. A Sony a7r iii with a 24-70mm 2.8f G lens. Yeah. And I decided to leave it in the hotel while walking around Paris, and Rome. Here is the thing, I could take the million and one photo everyone else takes or I could enjoy the moment and take it all in. Truth is, I don’t need a photo of the places I visit. Unless it’s for a client, I have no reason to hoard photos. Traveling for photographers can be tough. In one sense we love images, love creating photos but in another sense we create photos everyday and sometimes need a rest.

The one and only day I took my camera out was during a walk in Dresden, Germany. While we were “taking photos”, I now realize it all just a ploy, my fiancé proposed. It happened during sun set, a string cortette was playing in the background and I was the only person with a camera.
The drive from Germany to France, was impressive to say the least. I took my camera out once and photographed the fields, a flower field, and my fiancé’s daughters near the beautiful flowers.

Here are the places I visited and did not take my camera to: The Eiffel Tower, Mont Matre, Giverny, Versailles, all of Rome but especially the fountains, the Pantheon and around the streets of Rome.

I picked up the camera again during our first day in Frankfurt, Germany and ended up in a gay parade. After taking a few hundred photos, I deleted the card without thinking twice. I don’t need any more photos. Also, they weren’t my best compositions.

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