Update on Hurricane Maria

Here is a quick update. On September 20th, 2017 Puerto Rico was devastated by a Category 5 hurricane. Puerto Rico is the place I have called my home for many years now. Seeing the people, the houses and vegetation in complete despair have forever changed the way I see the island. Here are a brief update months after the Hurricane.

The island

This massive hurricane completely devastated the island in so many ways. The people, greedy foreign companies, & the corrupt local government continue to worsen the situation. Meanwhile, FEMA and many Non-profit organizations are picking up all the pieces and getting all the hate and criticism. Bizzare! 

It will be years before the island is back to the way it was September 2017. Which by the way, was already economically devastated, hardly maintained, and partially abandoned anyway. 

alicia kidd photographer puerto rico update
Just a few weeks after Hurricane María, the Moon rising behind the island of Vieques. Taken in Humacao, PR.

Update on my home and my photography business

I live on the coast where the eye of the hurricane came through Puerto Rico. A large number of weddings got canceled. In Puerto Rico and also the smaller islands, BVI and USVI with Hurricane Irma, almost two weeks before Maria.


The people of the island have taught me a valuable lesson in resilience. Although, I have lost a significant amount of business, and personal belongings, I have been focusing my energy in helping others. Helping others find homes, find jobs, find food and water. I have been doing whatever I could to fill the void. This massive void. Its a feeling of emptiness, loneliness, and displacement.

I have had this post on draft for some time now. It’s been 76 days since the hurricane and my town and most of the east, center and some of the south of the island STILL have no power or water. Many communities have no electricity since Hurricane Irma.

It’s gotten to the point where it’s honestly embarrassing. Puerto Rico and its politics, greed, and mismanagement is a complete disgrace. I know there is more to this than, “the power grid was messed up, to begin with.” Yeah, it was. The local government has no clue how to maintain essential structures, much fewer utilities, and roads. I’m ending my rant here. Because it’s exhausting to think about it, let alone write about it. And like there is bad news being hidden from, and by the public, a thing very few know. There are even more people helping on the island and from all over the world. 

I’m a positive person. Inevitably, things will get better for Puerto Rico. It’s why I’m still here. 

So, let’s get to work, guys. I’m always available to help, work, teach, and, advise. Follow me on Instagram, and like my facebook page, I do update and announce events, exhibits, workshops, and publish information weekly. 

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A friend of mine posted this beautiful and interesting piece on the aftermath. It’s in Spanish. El Ojo de María.

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