Why I chose to buy a Sony mirrorless instead of Nikon Z system

Yes, I’m one of those. I sold my Nikon D800 dSLR and purchased a Sony a7riii. Switching brands felt liberating. And it was not a bad upgrade. Actually, it’s a great upgrade if you compare the specs of each camera. For weddings, most of my sessions and jobs, I tend to use two camera bodies. Depending on the job one camera is a backup or I’m using both at the same time with different fixed lenses on either body. That’s the way I work, I got used to it, it works for me well. So, when making the decision to switch to mirrorless, I had to do it in strides. Sold the Nikon camera body and purchased the Sony with a 24-70mm 2.8 lens and an extra battery. Here’s my reasoning for not waiting for the Nikon Z6 or the Z7:

• The Nikon cameras were to be released for pre-order a month after I decided to switch.

• The specs available online for both Nikon mirrorless cameras were a little disappointing. If you’re going to make a camera that will compete with the Sony mirrorless cameras, make something amazing.

• The Sony a7riii was available and is indeed an upgrade from both my Nikon cameras. That’s it.


What are the key missing features in the Nikon Z cameras?

Alright, let’s talk features. Battery life. Compared to my Nikon D810, Nikon’s mirrorless camera’s battery life is a joke. 310-330 images. This could be different, of course, depending on how you use your camera. There are ways to save battery.

Eye Focus AF, which I didn’t have before with my previous Nikon dSLR, but I have gotten accustomed to with the Fuji and now with Sony.

Last and most important for me, there is JUST – ONE – Card SLOT. What? Why? Fail.


Will I be switching brands and go back to Nikon?

Not in the foreseeable future. Yes, I still own one Nikon dSLR and several good lenses and Speedlights, but I will sell them. I’m hoping to completely switch to Sony by 2019. I’ll post the equipment and prices soon on facebook & instagram, for now here’s some images of the gear I will be selling incase anyone is interested.

selling this gear nikon
Nikon D810 dSLR 36.3 mp, original Nikon glass: 60mm 2.8 macro, 85mm 1.4, 70-200mm 2.8 VR ii, 28-70mm 2.8, 14-24mm 2.8G, and my trusty 35mm 1.4.


lens for sale nikon
Nikon 28-70mm, a damn good lens. Heavy and well made. This thing should last 20 + years. Can be used on film as well as digital SLRs.


With the camera and lenses, you also have to consider selling or just getting rid of accessories that are only compatible with that brand or that system. Switching brands can get a little tedious. But hey, it’s well worth it right now. And so here are a few key items I will have to let go of.


These are the items that I will no longer be needing if I decide to sell all my Nikon gear: A bunch of gel filters compatible with any flash if you have imagination, but meant to be used with SB system. 2 Sb-910, and many more things that are not compatible with mirrorless systems.


Compatible with any Nikon camera and flash, old or new. These radio triggers are very reliable and I have been using this brand exclusively for over 10 years.



Fast CF cards are the one thing i will miss the most. I have two CF card readers, they are USB 3 compatible and can used with Lexar Professional Workflow HR2 4-Bay Thunderbolt 2/USB 3.0 Hub. It allows you to connect and download from multiple cards at the same time. I have 2 SD card readers and 2 CF card readers that connect to the Hub tower. Look it up, it’s well worth it.

I love these, they can be used individually or in a tower. Fast and very reliable.


Have a new brand or camera system? I wrote a post about different learning resources available for photographers, both amateur and professional. Check it out! If you’re ready for a one on one workshop with me, visit my website and choose a course. Don’t let switching brands be a daunting experience, it’s a fresh start! You can contact me via Instagram as well, let’s be social!

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